DJ Scream One an RnB/Hip-Hop/Turntablist DJ. DJ Scream One finds interest in various music genres - he can play R&B and soul as easily as real true school hip-hop. Any street dogs will enjoy him playing raw beats as well as girls will love to dance to easy-to-listen R'n'B tunes.

A young and talented DJ. Moscow party people could see DJ Scream One playing in Alex Alco Hall, Bangles, Black October, Joomanji, Na Lestnitse city caf?, Norma DJ caf?, Open Caf?, Panorama DJ Caf?, Platinum, R&B Caf?, Saxar, Tuning Hall, 1 More and many other places.

DJ Scream One has also gained recognition in a lot of cities all across Russia as he played in Barnaul (Pilot club), Belgorod (Zenon club), Kaluga (Lampa club), Kirov (Pobeda club), Krasnoyarsk (Labirint club), Lipetsk (Podzemka club), Nizhni Novgorod (Matritsa club), Novosibirsk (Rock City club), Oryol (Versailles club), Penza (Stantsiya club), Samara (Aura club), Serpukhov (Most club), Smolensk (Olimp club), Togliatti (Sorry Mama club), Tyumen (Piramida club), Voronezh (Spartak and Parnas clubs), Yekaterinburg (Fruit cafe)

He played in Belarus: Brest (Matritsa club), Minsk (Izyum club); Ukraine: Donetsk (Kinokofeinya), Kiev (Forsazh club), Yalta (Matritsa club); Kazahstan: Almaty (Ibiza Festival).

DJ Scream Ones sets are full of breathtaking scratch interludes, beat juggling shows and smooth mixing. People on the dancefloor cant help enjoying themselves while DJ Scream One is in charge of turntables and a mixer. DJ Scream One is a participant of major scratch sessions. He also works with hip-hop MCs both live on stage and in studio, adding precious cutting to their tracks.

DJ Scream One also works with DJ York - they are a dynamic DJ-duo capable of making four turntables DJ-shows. DJ York & DJ Scream One set up their own parties which take place every Tuesday in Na Lestnitse city caf?.

DJ Scream One also was a constant guest on air at the studio of ORR FM radio. He played hip hop tunes at "Vecherina s DMC B" sound program hosted by DMC B of Band'Eros.


DJ Scream One Strictly Hip Hop. Vol. 1 (2006)

DJ York & DJ Scream One R&B In Da Remixes (2007)

DJ York & DJ Scream One G-Unit Mixtape (2007)

DJ York & DJ Scream One Best Soul Project 2CD (March 2008 coming soon)


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